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Back to Vegas

Tracy and I were in Vegas this week with our friends Chris and Jennifer.  Many of the casinos were still decorated for Chinese New Year.  We were hoping standing in front of the money tree would bring us luck (it didn’t).


Besides eating, drinking, and helping the economy; we did spend the day out at Red Rock. Chris and I were just on this climb last week, but we’ll never pass up a chance to summit Turtlehead peak.  The weather was wonderful and the trail didn’t have a lot of people on it.



The climb was pretty striaght-forward and in just over 75 minutes, we were all on the summit.





We still had energy so we drove up the road a little bit and hiked up to Keystone Thurst.  Its basically a fault line that runs through the far end of the park.  Chris climbed up to a small cave and was able to snap a picture of Tracy and I sitting on an overhang of a creek bed.

IMG_2152-hi ress



Hopeful that a tradition will live on

This week was our annual Field Readiness Seminar in Las Vegas and for the 6th year, I took a group of people to Red Rock canyon for a sunrise ascent of Turtlehead peak.  It was a special year since I had recently announced my retirement and this could end up being the last time this yearly ascent happens.  I’m hopeful that one of the many alumni of this climb continues the tradition.

We had 3 car loads and made it to the park prior to the gate being opened.  It was a chilly morning, but I knew everyone would warm up quickly.


Mik and Paul decided to tour the canyon prior to the climb by missing the turn off and being forced to drive the entire park before the hike.  I waited for them and they quickly caught some of the group.


It was a beautiful day and the thing I like the most about the park, beyond coyotes howling, is it’s silent.


Mark, Suzanne, and CW were alumni to the climb, but this was Gary’s first.


Red Rock.2016.02.10.02

Michael was determined to make the summit this year.  He kept going, slow and steady.


My strategy team won the “president’s award” for their work re-aligning the US sales teams.  We proudly carried the award to the 6,300ft summit and took a picture with it.


After a short rest, we packed up and headed back down the mountain.



The day kept getting better – good thing I’m back in Vegas next week so I can do it all again.


Lots of smiles when everyone got to the parking lot.  It’s fun to look back at the peak that was just climbed.