Monthly Archives: March 2020

Fall and Spring in Austin

It’s been a while since I posted so this will cover all the fall and spring’s adventures. We are heading to BV again in a couple weeks and it will be extra nice to get into the wide open spaces and fresh air.

In November, we did our yearly trip to Mexico – we stayed in Cancun and had a wonderful time. The resort we stay at is so nice, that there is no reason to leave except for a daily run on the beach.

We went back to BV for a couple of weeks at the end of November and it was bitterly cold – a huge contrast to last year. We stayed in town and frequented all our favorite places.

I’ve been doing a lot of cooking and have stocked up on chili, corn chowder, salmon, and curry vegetables. The sushi boat is from a lunch I had with members of my old team.

We also did some work around the house. A new chandelier for the dining room and a fresh coat of stain on the fence.

We had our doors adjusted in the house and the guy that fixes the doors also creates these intricate rock structures in the greenbelt. He told me about one he created off trail in the middle of one of the canyons. I was determined to find it when I ran that weekend, and I did. It’s hard to get a good perspective from the picture, but it’s taller than I am.

There have also been a few races – Cactus Rose, Bandera, Spider Mountain (headlamp pic below), and the Maze (last pic). In 2 weeks, I’m running the Tangle.