Monthly Archives: July 2018

More visitors

Preston has been here a week and we’ve been busy.  We climbed Midland hill with the dogs.  If you look closely above the mountains, you can see one the tanker helicopters loading up to fight the fires.

Preston wanted to climb this rock, but had a hard time getting down.

Resting on the summit.

Izzy needed a dip to cool down – check out the guy in the canoe going through the rapids.

Mike and Tina came in for a visit.  We did a quick climb on the 4th of July and then went to meet CW for a resupply.

When we got back we walked downtown.  The park had an art fair going on.  They also had they bubbles that little kids get in and bounce off each other in the water.

Preston is a giant.

We still played Frisbee, but Preston managed to get it stuck high in the tree.

This morning I took Mike and Tina up Midland hill.  Tina snapped a shot of Izzy posing.