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JMT was a success

We closed out 200 miles on the John Muir Trail yesterday at Whitney Portal.  The trip was awesome and I’ll be putting together a video in the upcoming weeks.  I posted a ton of pictures below but no detail.  At a high level:  It rained the first two days but after that only sunshine;  we met and hiked with another hiker named Chris (trail name: Grover) – he is a 5x Appalachian Trail thru hiker; there was some snow that made pass crossing interesting; the streams were swollen but passable; CW did great but got his butt kicked on a few of the longer days; we got our permit the morning we got there; we spent 14 days and 13 nights on the trail…. lots more in the video.

A preview in no particular order:


Back to the JMT

Tomorrow I head back to the John Muir Trail with my friend CW.  We are starting at Tuolumne Meadows and exiting Mt Whitney 12 days later.  I built in 3 days buffer time because we need to wait in line at the ranger station for a permit.

We are trying something new to manage the logistics.  This year we are flying to Vegas, driving to Whitney Portal, dropping the car, hitching to Lone Pine, taking the bus from Lone Pine to Mammoth, staying a night in Mammoth, and taking YARTs to Tuolumne.

If you want to follow our progress, you can use the Link to my SPOT below – note it will say nothing until we get to California:


A couple days on Vinalhaven

After sailing, we walked from the schooner dock to the ferry dock and went to North Haven Island.  We were met on the dock by our friends’ Chris, Jenn, and their boys.  We then took their boat a very short trip across the thoroughfare to their family home.  The picture below is actually taken when we went through the thoroughfare from the Ladona.

Here is Chris is island gardening gear.

Both of the boys

We spent the next day hiking around the island.

The evenings were spent on the porch of the house.

Sailing in Maine

We spent 4 days sailing on the Schooner Ladona in Maine.   The schooner was originally built in 1922, but two years ago was totally rebuilt with all the modern conveniences – there is hot and cold running water in each cabin, 3 heads, and even 2 modern showers.  The meals were wonderful and the weather fantastic.  We were under sail for all 3 days – the only times there engine ran were for coming and going to the dock.

We had a lobster bake on the beach.

The sunset was beautiful every night.