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A couple of days road trip over Spring Break

Since Preston is able to drive now, we decided to load up my new truck and take a small road trip.  He drove the whole way.  We started with a drive to Colorado Bend State Park.  It’s about 2.5 hours away and is a large area on the Colorado River.

We ended up mountain biking some intermediate trails for 3 hours.  We were sore, tired, and hungry when we were finished.  Here’s a view from Strava and a couple of pictures in front of Gorman Falls in the park.

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That night we stayed in Lampasas, Texas in a small hotel.  We had a nice dinner, watched basketball, and fell asleep to a movie.  The next day we drove to Pedernales State Park.   Traffic was backed up almost a mile outside of the gate.  We made a game time call and went to Walnut Creek Park in Austin instead.  We’ve ridden there many times, but the trails weave all directions so we always get lost.  Our sore bodies only lasted 6 miles before we called it a day.

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Back to Mexico

We headed back to Mexico for a week.  This time we stayed on Isla Mujeres, which is a small island East of Cancun.  After a 30 minute taxi to the ferry terminal, it’s just 8 miles to the island.  It’s a small island – about 1 mile wide and 10 miles long.

This is an evening and morning view from our balcony.

Everyday was the same.  We’d head out for a walk to somewhere on the island early  morning.  Some days we’d go 4 miles, some days 8 miles…. we didn’t have a time schedule.  The picture below is a bar at the southern tip.

These are from the Eastern shore.

This is up the peninsula….  Tracy is a stray dog magnet.

This is the front door of a house close to town.

Every afternoon was spent on the beach or by the pool.  Eating lots of food and drinking nice cocktails.


One afternoon while the lady next to us napped; a large iguana jumped up between her legs.  We quietly woke her up and suggested that she crawl forward off her lounge, but not before I got the camera out.  My mom would have loved to have been there 🙂


Here’s Tracy a few minutes later feeding him.  Every day he sat on the back of the same lounge.  I guess he felt it was reserved for him.

We ate outside every night – not a bit of rain.  After dinner, we’d lounge around and enjoy the sunset, play pool, or participate in the evening entertainment.