On the way to Alaska

For the next two weeks I will be kayaking with my brother and four friends in glacier bay.   

It was impossible to make it all the way there in one day so I spent last night on Seattle.  I was hoping to have dinner with my friend Todd, but he suggested that we go to the mariners game. That sounded  great and he came through with rock star seats.  I was staying in Tacoma and dreaded the long drive at rush hour so the doorman suggested I take the express bus.  For less than $8 the bus took me almost door to door on less that an hour.  

We were joined by his friend Reggie. The weather couldn’t have been better and the mariners won.  This is a picture from our seats.  

I’ll meet everyone at the airport this afternoon and we are off to Alaska  

1 thought on “On the way to Alaska

  1. Deb Skelding

    Have fun Brothers, wishing you clear skies, good times and steer clear of any whale blowholes:)


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