Checking out the Big Horn course

I am in Story, Wyoming this week… never been here, but I’ll be back since it’s really pretty.

Mike, Tina, and I drove to different points on the course in preparation for Mike running the Bighorn 100 tomorrow.   The 4 pictures below are from the canyon he will start in.





Within a mile of the start, Mike will climb to the plateau of the Big Horn mountains and slowly work his way towards the crest, which is the turn around point of the “out and back” race.   The picture below is from the car traveling along a gentle 8% grade road; Mike will be climbing a single track incline up almost a vertical mile.


We will see him about 4 hours into the race at the 13 mile aid station.  The terrain is rolling green hills that rise and fall over many miles.


I will meet Mike at mile 48 and pace the remaining 53 miles with him.  I expect to meet him around 2am Saturday morning.  The weather is expected to be in the high 40’s at night and low 70’s during the day.   Perfect running weather, but 101 miles in the mountains is tough no matter what.


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