The summer continues to be nice

Our exploring continues as the weeks go on. We’ve climbed Yale, Midland Hill, and done many hikes on the CT. I’ve also done several long runs on Brown’s Pass Loop and the CDT. Plus on the date of my cancelled 100 miler, my friend Matt and I did 50 miles on the course. Last week, our friends Berton and Lori rented an AirBnb in town and we did several hikes with them including climbing Mt. Antero.

Tracy’s rowing friend, Felipe and his girlfriend, visited. We made them get COVID tests before coming since we are both still very concerned with getting sick. We played poker one night and climbed Yale a couple days later.

There have been lots of animal sightings. Something as basic as a cat in the backyard to moose on the trail or a goat on the summit.

1 thought on “The summer continues to be nice

  1. Enne Yeap

    Jim, Happy and very blessed birthday to you. Wishing you the best of health and many many many more to come. Thank you for being the best boss of my life. Lost your email and want you to know that you are thought of. Have a great years ahead with many many great adventures…


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